Concrete Repair • Structural Modification • Preventative Maintenence

Concrete Repair • Structural Modification • Preventative Maintenence

Green Future Structural Innovations provides superior repair services and excellent customer support throughout the United States and Canada.  We specialize in both shotcrete/gunite solutions and carbon fiber repair.

Silo Crack & Delamination Repair

Crack and Patch Repair services for proper silo maintenance.

Concrete Silo Liners

Reinforce the structural integrity of your silo.

Barricade Roof Coating

Barricade roof coating withstands high abrasion, impacts, extreme mechanical loads and is highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Carbon Fiber Repair

Ten times stronger than steel, non-corrosive, and maintenance free.

Hopper Installation & Repair

We can quickly repair your damaged hopper or install a new one.

Shotcrete / Gunite Repair

We provide Shotcrete / Gunite services to repair damaged concrete or strengthen existing structures.

Cosmetic Repair

Green Future Structural Innovations can restore your facility to the community landmark it was intended to be: strong, proud, and American.

Silo Roof Cornice & Beam Pocket Repair

Roof Cornice and Roof Beam Pocket repair for your concrete silo.

Rupture Repair & Disaster Recovery

Grain Bin Clean Out & Sanitation