Silo Crack & Delamination Repair

Efficient In Restoring Storage Facilities

Maintain your Bin Integrity and Avoid Costly Structural Failures!

Cracked and delaminated concrete is a major concern for facilitator operators.  Avoiding repair can lead to faster structural deterioration, product loss, and even worker injury or death.  Concrete delamination and exposed corroded steel are sure signs of damage.  As a member of the American Concrete Institute, Green Future Structural Innovations’ teams are experienced and efficient in restoring grain storage facilities.


Of or lack of steel reinforcement is the leading cause of damage in the industry.  With the compressing weight of the structure and the loading and unloading of the product, the bin’s strength is compromised.

We follow the International Concrete Repair Institute’s Repair Process (ICRI Code 310.1R-2008)

Stop wondering if a serious structural problem exists in your facility. Contact us today for a free estimate on Silo Crack and Delamination Repair!

Green Future Structural Innovations